If you want to learn to read Hebrew, or practice to improve your basic reading skills, Yom Kippur liturgy has a prayer that is an alphabetical acrostic. By practicing these words you will be able to learn or improve your Hebrew reading
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Aleph Bet songs
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Learn to Read Hebrew with Yom Kippur Viddui (Confession Prayer)
These are files and videos to help learn or practice all of the aleph bet letters and vowels:
This is the Viddui - the alphabetical acrostic confessional prayer for Yom Kippur. 
Click on the prayer to hear it sung. Click here for a relatable translation.
This is the Viddui - Click on each line to go to a new page that will help you learn the line in detail: 
letter by letter, word by word, phrase by phrase.
These letters are not in the Viddui. Click on the line to learn the extra letters.