I see the moon,
The moon sees me,
The moon sees the somebody I like to see
So G-d bless the moon, and G-d bless me,
And G-d bless the somebody I like to see
(And that’s Daddy! Yeah, man!)

(One Hebrew version of this song is to substitute the word “ya-ray-ah” for the word “moon”)

Dear G-d. You are everywhere.  Watch over our whole family while we are together and while we are far away from each other. Send your angels to watch over us by day and night.
At my right side is Michael (who is like G-d, performing miracles?)
At my left side is Gabriel (my strength is G-d, who is all powerful)
In front of me is Uriel (my light is G-d, brightening my way always)
Behind me is Raphael (G-d is my healer, protecting me from illness)
Above my head is Shekhinah (G-d’s Spirit watches over me always)

I can sleep in peace knowing that G-d is watching over me and my whole family, because I know that “the Guardian of Israel never sleeps”

(Close your eyes):
Sh’ma Yis-ra-el A-do-nai E-lo-hay-nu A-do-nai eh-had
(whisper): Ba-rukh shem k’vod mal’khu-to l’o-lam va-ed

(Every line of the part below concludes with a kiss on the “keppy” – forehead)
Good night (kiss)
Sleep tight (kiss)
Pleasant dreams (kiss)
I love you (kiss)
G-d bless you (kiss)

These bed time prayers and rituals were originally put together for a family with a young child whose parent was in the Air Force and being deployed for many months. The parents and the child started to say these together every night when they were together, and continued to say them when the parent was deployed. The family felt comfort from continuing to share these words.  Some of the prayers are versions of prayers and readings from traditional Jewish bed time rituals modified for young children. Some are personal favorites shared for generations.  

If you click on the audio controller, you will hear Rabbi Jana read or sing the selection above.
- Love, Rabbi Jana
Bed Time Rituals for Families with Children